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300 Thumbs Up

Frank Miller, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love the ferocious warriors of your vivid dream portraits. I love their translations into film, the roaring soldiers of the past or future noir. I love your goddess women who float with violent beauty above the men with swords for hearts, loving… Read full post.

A Sinister Sunday

Sunday’s are no longer a day of quiet leisure and relaxing with my secret pleasures of ‘The OC’ and ‘One Tree Hill.’ In lieu of catching the only work shuttle to the Hurriyet Media Tower where I wile my days away trapped on the top floor like the princess I used to imagine I was,… Read full post.

How Cell Phones Have Changed the World and Why This Is A Bad Thing

How Cell Phones Have Changed the World and Why This Is A Bad Thing

You are sitting on your lunch break, or someone’s lunch break, having a nice visit and out of nowhere, “Toodle doodle doooooo. Toodle doodle doooo.” Yes, the insistent ring of the cell phone which people seem loath to not answer. We are not far from Pavlov’s Dog these days, no siree. They answer the phone… Read full post.

The New Life, a novel by Orhan Pamuk 1997

My experience with The New Life began with a hiss as I walked through the bookshop holding it in my hands. I’ve been hissed at for lots of things, but never for the mere act of a book in my hands, and the emotions that arose in me at that moment were not unlike the… Read full post.