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A New Woman

Most people after they move into a new flat and area will explore and wander around to get their bearings. What did I do? I went and got tattooed. Twice. It was a bit nervewracking, going to get inked on a public transportation system I have but a fragile grasp of. But I did it… Read full post.

A Surreal Sunday

A Surreal Sunday

I am writing from my temporary desk in the offices of the Turkish Daily News with a gray view of the concrete wasteland that is Istanbul. It is Sunday. There is something very unnatural about being at work on Sunday, especially since my bus to get to work leaves at 830 AM and no one… Read full post.

Fairy Tales Can Come True

In typical Arian fashion, I have (and do have) loads of dream jobs whose importance will shift depending on various factors in my life. It was always a dream to work at the UN, and while I didn’t get paid for my work I had that dream job for almost three years. I always wanted… Read full post.

A Woman Who Runs with the Wolves

She called me domesticated and it stung even though I knew it was said only with admiration. Even knowing that, it was as if the wound of my wild woman self had only partially closed and her words were salt. I forced myself to ask, “Have I been domesticated?” Are all the years of feminist… Read full post.

every thorn has its rose

technology has hindered me from posting and maybe it was for the best. september to november are rough times for me, every year since wendy died and i have been feeling a pervasive sadness coupled with the night terrors that come with recurrences of post-traumatic stress disorder. i cannot beleive that it will be 6… Read full post.

curiouser and curiouser

you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone is the gift that keeps on giving. when i lived in france with my parents, backdropped with the jura mountains all fresh air, trees and snow, i enjoyed every moment of it because something told me it would be a long time before i got to… Read full post.

the illusionist in istanbul

we went to see ‘the illusionist’ today. wow. just, wow. go see it! i love watching movies in their original language. there was just not enough of this in spain and here it is more common than not that films in the theatre are in their original version. blessed be the Cinema Gods. after many… Read full post.