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LOST in symbolism

The Season 6 finale of “LOST” featured a gargantuan statue of the Egyptian crocodile-headed god Sobek. Being fascinated not only with “LOST” but also Egyptian mythology (I even took a how-to-read-hieroglyphics course a few years back) I figured it must mean something. *Builds a mountain out of mashed potatoes* Sobek was worshipped in ancient Egyptian… Read full post.

A Love Letter to Pfaff the Pfooter

Written on a postcard of your Fairy Challenger oracle card, #56: “Plant your feet,Bend your knees,Sway with the bumps and lurches of life.” Where a stamp shaped like a hole in my sock could go:PragueJanuary 23, 2008So basically you’re saying that I should go through life with the same principle as standing on a tram:… Read full post.

A Love Letter to Bad Fairies

Written on a Brian Froud-esque postcard of the eerie park at Karlovo Namesti: Even whenyou are badyou are goodto me. Where a mushroom-shaped stamp could go it says:Prague 2, Nove MestoNovember 5, 2008I realised that in Prague there is a huge difference between places with bad energy and places with bad fairies. I’m lucky enough… Read full post.

A Love Letter to Bavian Frodi

Written on a postcard of your Faery Oracle card Number 38, Laiste the Moon’s Daughter: Your visionsare a bridgeinto a world I alwayswanted to visitand now realiseis all aound me. Where I’ve no need for a stamp because surely a nice faery will deliver it for me:October 23, 2008PragueThere aren’t enough words to thank you… Read full post.

Good Omens, Bad Omens

The year 2008, and so far six months living in Prague. Today is the first day the Sun has broken through the cloud cover and pierced the shield of this vampire city. I haven’t written for ages, and I think it was because my last blog incarnation of The TripWire went stale and my ideas… Read full post.


They say that the things we have lost will never be returned to us, but I’m not sure if that’s entirely true. Yes, what is gone cannot itself return but I think aspects of what we have lost come back in many familiar forms. Take my Spirit Guide, Cubby, the wolf-dog who was my companion… Read full post.

In A Glass Darkly, by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu, 1872

In A Glass Darkly is known as one of “the classics of occult fiction” and one of the first novels that portrays strange occurrences from an observer’s detached perspective. When I was researching horror for my novel Terata Americana of the Raving Variety, I read numerous references to this novel, which is actually a collection… Read full post.



do you ever get the feeling that you are meant for something more? not just something more, but something great? something amazing, something extraordinary. a feeling that is more than just a feeling or a hunch; something deep down into the dark core of you that tells you that you are special. that you are… Read full post.