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A Love Letter to Steerek H. Love

Written on the tapestry of your kindness: There is a God-like qualityto your infiniteand loving patience.Where you brand everything with tender care:October 20, 2008 and alwaysPragueI am the most happy that it is you who will always be by my side. Maybe, possibly, could be related: No related posts. Read full post.

Good Omens, Bad Omens

The year 2008, and so far six months living in Prague. Today is the first day the Sun has broken through the cloud cover and pierced the shield of this vampire city. I haven’t written for ages, and I think it was because my last blog incarnation of The TripWire went stale and my ideas… Read full post.

A Woman Who Runs with the Wolves

She called me domesticated and it stung even though I knew it was said only with admiration. Even knowing that, it was as if the wound of my wild woman self had only partially closed and her words were salt. I forced myself to ask, “Have I been domesticated?” Are all the years of feminist… Read full post.

moving forward

packers came today and put all of the possessions my family will keep into a container, soon to brave the wild tsunami-threatened oceans for sri lanka. moving day is always strange for me. i realised today that i have more attachment to the things that make up our home than the home itself. a carved… Read full post.

a love letter to Lynne Motocar

written on a postcard of the newest superhero named Supermom that has a striking resemblance to you, curly hair and all on the blank space: your comforting love reaches me across the oceanwhere a stamp could go i write:thoiry, francemay 6, 2006i am overjoyed to have you as my new sisterand i can’t wait to… Read full post.

a troubling turn towards conservatism

a troubling turn towards conservatism

May 06, 2006 local british election results came through today with a disturbing turn towards conservatism once again. portugal recently elected an ultra-conservative president. switzerland has the most conservative government it has had in 20 years, along with france. spain currently has a socialist government, but with two simultaneous separatist movements in the basque region… Read full post.