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Haiku Challenge: Invent/Narrow

To invent time one Floats between then and now reaps Memory’s echo. **** Autumn ray of love before Winter’s cold embrace you will invent me. **** My straight and narrow wishful thinking leads inside fallen tree branches. **** Narrow creviced heart fallen leaves of love’s lost grasp towards broken skies. **** Nature’s narrow path downward… Read full post.

Haiku Challenge: Minor

Walking the minor miracle of your freedom streets teem with fall joy. **** Minor flooding here my heart, this blossom of love truly, madly, deep. **** History recedes minor ripples in velvet revolution day. (Inspired by the amazing events in Prague that marked 20 years since the Velvet Revolution.) Maybe, possibly, could be related: A… Read full post.

iPodified poetry

singing seems to helpa waiting soul-feb. 14, 2007 **** my own personalangel-feb. 13, 2007 **** i guess i was born,naturally borna hoochie coochie woman.-feb. 11, 2007 **** my first night at fight clubwish you were here-feb. 9, 2007 **** i can kick it, yes i canso move, bitch,get out the way.-feb. 9, 2007 **** the… Read full post.

TEFL in haiku

Via Lingua GranadaTEFL, in haikuJune 27, 2006 Arriving at school Via Lingua summer day Nervous excitement. Give them the chicken, Says Tim, not just an egg to Be learning English. Smog, mist, there are so Many words for fog in the Cold English language. Antonia’s late Arrival to class because A broken down bus Carls… Read full post.

tattoos and roses

a tattoois like love:being lost in a grand landscape of rosebushes,wounded wandering rawand eternally healing. Maybe, possibly, could be related: No related posts. Read full post.

it is impossible to know

and for once, i will not write a love letterbut a poemand this poemwill express my discontentbecause i do not knowand there is a song playingthat makes me feel like cryingor maybe i am just drunkbut in this momenti want to saythat i do not knowwhat love means when said such as thisthis is enough… Read full post.