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A Love Letter to Australia Day

Written on a postcard of a photo of the white racist rioters all over Oz on this day: You haveno placein a world that’s decidedNOT to be racist. Where the stamp could go but there is only your hateful presence:PragueJanuary 26Feeling extremely put out by what I am seeing and hearing. Maybe, possibly, could be… Read full post.

The Learning Curve

Duckie’s learning curve is not that great. She kept her distance from the doorways after I threw things at her to scare her away, but today she is boldly strutting right back into our house. This got me thinking about learning curves in general and yesterday’s massacre at Virginia Tech. It seems that something horrible… Read full post.

300 Ways To Tell The Difference Between Coercion and Consent

After having watched 300 twice now in mixed company, I continue to be disturbed, perturbed and supremely irritated by the fact that men still don’t seem to understand the difference between coercion and consent when it comes to sexual intercourse. 300 has a very distressing scene where The Spartan Queen offers herself to a Councilman… Read full post.

300 Thumbs Up

Frank Miller, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love the ferocious warriors of your vivid dream portraits. I love their translations into film, the roaring soldiers of the past or future noir. I love your goddess women who float with violent beauty above the men with swords for hearts, loving… Read full post.


Why do the countries with nuclear arsenals think they can tell other countries that they aren’t allowed to have nuclear weapons? Why do insecure people have to be so arrogant and mean? Why do girls who get super girly dolled up with painted mask face and stiletto boots end up looking like drag queens? Why… Read full post.

The State of Disunity

The State of Disunity

At first, I wasn’t sure if Bush’s State of the Union Address was an official presidential speech or the opening of an Aerosmith concert, what with the catcalls and all. Bizarre. What anybody has to cheer about with this president is beyond me and the more his cowboy drawl droned on the more I felt… Read full post.

what a difference a day makes

oh, yes, the sort of more sane people won back the House! three cheers for Nancy Pelosi! hip hip HOORAY! hip hip HOORAY! hip hip HOORAY! congress belongs to the Democrats once again and let us pray that they use their power well. i would start with the impeachment trial of George W. Bush. if… Read full post.