Love Letter Project

a love letter to the late Jonas Brianthand

written on a postcard with a picture of the movie poster for ‘the neverending story part 2’

on the blank space that has a grayscale image of the ivory tower:

why didn’t you stay with us?
i never got to tell you that were my first love.

where i don’t need to put a stamp because you are in the Other Realm:
may 1, 2006
thoiry, france
i just saw what must have been your last movie, your eyes looked haunted. like river’s before his death.
i don’t know why you took your own life, but it pains me and i miss you, so i do.
these are the first tears i cry for you.
i hope you found the peace you sought.
you will be missed by me.
but at least you know me now.


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