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a love letter to Xinjoa Phioquen

written on a postcard of fulsom prison taken from the outside

on the blank space:

you remind me so much of your brother i wanted to feel sad he is no longer with us.
but you are just as beautiful, and powerful.
i pray that you will take care of yourself.
you are so special, so gifted, and so important.

where a stamp could go it says:
thoiry, france
may 2, 2006
i watched you playing johnny cash, you look just like river. the same torment in your eyes.
you know, you play the guitar just like your brother, not like The Man at all.
i keep you in my prayers as i know your brother wants everyone to do.
you follow in so much greatness, do not be overwhelmed
my prayer is that you may feel the peace that comes with this.
you are loved.


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