on real estate agents and pure evil

i am pissed.

steve and i found the perfect little apartment, but of course things can’t be that easy. we make an appointment on monday to see it with the landlord, and on tuesday during the day we decided to go to a real estate agency just to see what they have. they ended up showing us the place we had an appointment to see later on in the day already. so today, on moving day, steve gets yelled at by the bitch real estate cow who says that we still have to pay them the finders fee even though we already had an appointment to see it with the landlord himself and we have already signed our contract with the landlord. not to mention we are immoral americans who don’t do things in a good way.

so as i am packing i am rehearsing in my head what i will have to say when i go into the agency to talk to the old sow, you know how you have to do that sometimes in a stressful situation that will take place in a language that is not your mother tongue. thankfully, the landlord is on our side and will go with me later when i go speak to them. he remembers making the appointment with me and he doesn’t really care because he just signed a contract with us that will bring him several thousand euros over the next year and he gets nothing from going through an agent anyway.

i am going to tell the real estate demons that we have spoken to a lawyer who said that unless we had signed something with the agency we have no obligation to pay them anything, this moreover from the fact that we had an appointment already with the landlord (who had a sign outside the window, no less, along with ads in several newspapers) and had spoken to him previously before going to the agency.

if we end up having to pay them, each and every morning i am going to throw urine out our window and onto their doorstep . let’s see how many apartments they’ll be able to rent then.


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