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*his evilness the pope was here in spain last week for a promotional visit about the importance of family, the irony of which was not lost on this humble observer. firstly, how does a celibate man preach to the importance of family and matrimony between a man and a woman specifically? secondly, the current pope was the head of the branch of the church in charge of the modern inquisition against homosexuals, and yes, this is the language they use as they disseminate hatred and intolerence all over the globe. thirdly, he was a nazi! how do any of the above contribute to the credibility of a man preaching christian and family values? what would Jesus say? personally, i think he would throw a fit of rage akin to the tower of babel incident in the bible. but i’m a witch so what the hell do i know.

*the spanish royal family have a new member of the family who is less than a year old, but is never seen in public with the family. and of course, they were all there to greet the pope and listened very attentively to his speech on the importance of family and matrimony and raising good christian children, sans baby.

*the israeli armed forces killed dozens more palestinians in their ongoing battle to retrieve their one soldier who was taken prisoner.

*i’m bummed that france lost the world cup, and would really like to know what the italian player said to zidane to make him head-butt him to the ground. my prediction is that the italian made a racist comment (as they are prone to do) about one of the black players on france’s team, but there are no official stories yet. italy only won, anyway, because of a mistake. not by talent. jerks. i hate sports. at least the arrogant little shit rafael nadal did not win wimbledon, although the only reason we were even able to watch the match was because spain was in the finals…

*i wish shakira would go back to her natural hair color, black. why do women of color feel the need to become blonde to be famous? or is it that when they become blond it is easier to be famous, even if you have brown skin? and what the hell is up with beyonce, anyway? i read somewhere her mom has been dying her hair blond since she was 8 years old, is that true? and how sick is that? this world is fucked up. and we are in 2006 and the same racism moves through us all, and so much of the self-hatred too. it’s gotta stop.

*finally, after 20+ years the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was passed at the UN, but not the real version. a trumped up version that appeased the genocidal policies of the american, canadian, new zealand, and australian governments was drafted that doesn’t protect anyone’s rights but the rights of governments to continue wiping out indigenous populations from the face of the planet. go UN, once again you prove yourself to be completely expendable. just give my mom her retirement money and disappear already.

*i really need to get back into human rights work. i have lost some part of myself and my calling since i got caught up in spain. i hope soon…


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