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a breeding ground for sickos?

July 11, 2006

i just got another myspace bulletin from a friend about a very young girl who was killed by a sex offender she met on myspace. wow. i think this issue will get more and more complicated. but the key is: where the fuck are these girls’ parents?!?!?!?!?! we all remember what it was like when we were younger, we thought we knew everything and we were invincible. we dressed like little ho’s because we didn’t know any better and we didn’t realise the kind of trouble it would bring us until either we wised up or we experienced a horror movie wake-up call.

it seems the world has moved on. kids are forced to grow up so quickly that more than usual they think they know everything and there is no respect for parents whatsoever. nor is there respect from parents towards their children and their innocence. it is so much easier to plop your kid with the t.v. or internet babysitter, isn’t it? and cheaper too, especially considering the babysitter could be a pervert like the british couple who raped a 9 month old baby repeatedly. this year!

i find myself returning to michael moore’s sociological study on violence in america, ‘bowling for columbine.’ it is not clear why the last gun crime in canada was like 12 years ago and an accident when the US of A has upwards of 12,000 gun crimes a year (most of which are not fucking accidents), but there is something very wrong with america. something evil and undescribably off. if america were milk, it would be milk that has long gone sour. milk that is almost yogurt of its own accord. is this inherent violent streak because the ground american’s walk on has been soaked with blood, from the genocide of native peoples to slavery to japanese internment camps? is it possible that the current denizens are walking among angry ghosts that do not allow the land to be peaceful? when will peace be made with the past? why does america have more monsters than the rest of the world put together? what is it about america?

poor little girls. i don’t understand. i didn’t when i was there. i pray for the families who have lost loved ones due to this american sickness. i pray for them, but i have no faith the suffering will end.


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