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randomness, i herald thee of importance

*we have some freaky crazy addam’s family neighbors. gomez and morticia’s ghetto spanish cousins, but these guys are rather frightening. they have about 5 teeth between the two of them, as well as a german shepard who is heard but never seen. they don’t even take him out of the apartment to go for walks and when they aren’t home he barks incessantly while throwing himself against the door. my vision of this dog is like an alfred hitchcock film, the gruesomeness is left up to my imagination. i see a skinny, mangy, toothless dog with hungry hyena eyes and a hump back from the door-throwing. i don’t even want to think about what kinds of illnesses the couple have from their dog pooping inside, well, always. they scare me.

*our other neighbor who lives on the other side of the street is another nutjob. he has been playing the same shitty techno song for the last two weeks over and over and all day. i am not even exageratting. same techno song, all day, at full volume. we hear him singing and clapping along at full volume. he comes out onto his balcony to peep in at me and harass the girls walking on the street below, or to shout things at people. the other day he kept screaming, ‘Hey you! How much do I owe you! Nothing!’ and then begin cackling raucously to himself. i am not sure if he is making drugs in his house or simply doing them. the apartment itself is falling apart, wires hanging from the ceiling and there are no sheets on the bed. the best is when he puts on his spanish trash techno cd at full blast and then leaves the apartment. what the hell is wrong with this country?

*yesterday i went to the doctor because my ear still hurts and it turns out i have a pretty bad ear infection. dr. loli is the bomb, unlike the last doctor i went to a month ago with the same problem. a plastic surgeon (who also does general medicine) with half of his front teeth missing and dirt under his nails. not a good advertisement. and was inept in the end anyway. that said, my ear is a mess and dr. loli said my eardrum could rupture at any moment. it’s going to take time to heal. but at least i have someone who is competent and able to help me. finally!

*i stayed up really late the other night and watched ‘dancer in the dark.’ it was amazing, bjork is stunning. right now i am listening to the hammering of construction workers upstairs and oddly enough i am hearing the music that could come with it. it’s disconcerting how a movie can change one’s daily perception of what would usually be a nuisance.

*i’m tired and my wrist hurts.


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