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in search of the perfect butterfly and other things

*my wrist is still sprained but cannot resist the writer’s urge to write.

*i have been searching for the perfect butterfly tattoo, which will be imprinted in the weeks to come before we leave granada. i have learned that the cooler the name of the butterfly, the more plain the creature. swallowtails and metalmarks are extraordinarily beautiful, along with the io moth which may be the most beautiful of them all. and it is not even a butterfly.

*boy, this is slow going.

*in these infirm weeks, i have watched the entire ‘sex in the city’ series. in fact, i learned a lot (as i tend to from any type of creative excersise) but most importantly how stunningly much i miss my girlfriends. i was sad to finish the discs because i am in the red with girlfriends here and for a little while i felt like they were here with me. my girlfriends, not the fictional characters.

*i tried to get into ‘six feet under’ but found that i could not relate to half the characters and in fact found them quite hateful human beings. two episodes to go to finish the second season but will not bother.

*i just took a break to talk with my beautiful sister in law, carolyn, who i include in my list of girlfriends that i miss terribly, even though we have yet to meet in person.

*so steve and i will be making our first international move together, most likely to istanbul…probably in the next few weeks, saying goodbye to granada. i am not sad to leave, save for the fact that i loathe the thought of moving AGAIN, but i am sad to see that steve’s business must close down. this is no fault of steve’s, but rather The Curse of Asshole Barbie who i feel doomed the enterprise from the beginning. poor steve.

*istanbul. constantinople. ancient trade route. modern day bridge between europe and asia. in spite of myself, i am excited about the move. it means we will get to see many of the ancient sites from the greek and roman empires…troy, ephesus, cappadocia…on my list of things to do is reread the classics. homer, ovid, aeschylus, etc. plus, i read somewhere that dracula may still roam the streets of istanbul…not that i want to meet him personally but still it tickles my fancy to think he may be there.

*the saga of the crackhead neighbors continues. it appears that a homeless girl has moved into the home of the UniSonger, the ugly naked guy who peeps in our place and has been playing the same bad techno song for going on three weeks now. he had a drug delivery yesterday which was nothing as benign as pot, after which began the UniSonging at full volume and at the same time as which the homeless girl made her way into his house. they sleep on a mattress that does not have any sheets on it, plus he does not take his cowboy boots off, even when naked and sleeping. fucking crackheads, man. same anywhere in the world.

*it is too hot here, i could sleep all day.

*i finally got my tattoo fixed, and it itches like chickenpox. but it looks so much better and i will most definitely go back to the same place to get my butterfly, or moth as it may turn out. i haven’t quite decided yet but still a few days for my star to heal, so time to decide.

*our other neighbors, the Addams Family spanish trailer trash cousins a.k.a. the Dog Abusers, are causing a stir in the apartment building. it seems we are not the only ones disturbed by the dog that never leaves the apartment and the incessant barking which i think is actually the poor doggie crying for help when his evil captors leave him. poor baby. people who abuse dogs are among my Shitlist top five…the others 1)rapists/pedophiles, 2)warmongers, 3)the NRA, 4)people who abuse dogs, 5)fanatics of all kinds.

*okay, pain forces me to halt. but, damn it felt good to write. wrist, please get better soon! send me a little healing prayer, if it do ya kindly.


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