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my first myspace hate email and other news

*received my first random myspace hate mail! woo hoo! it’s been months since i’ve been out of writing so this to me is a sign that i am back to my old pot-stirring self. one is not a writer until someone cries and someone calls you an asshole. back on track once again. thank you oh Blog Goddess of mine for blessing me with this gift. i am taking the advice of a Dene elder who was a spiritual guide of mine and i will say no more, mon amour. i simply mention it because it is quite exciting and hasn’t happened in ages!

*we continue to liquidate the school, very frickin strange. we are actually moving, and soon. i will miss little things about being here. our video club, the alhambra, the darro river, poe. but that’s really about it. what i will miss most is that i have simply got comfortable here and it is hard to uproot once again. nevermind, i have not liked this country for a long time so really i am thankful to be leaving.

*my wrist is finally starting to feel better but it is still all wrapped up. yuck. and the ear infection persists against even my best efforts to cure it. i hope there will be more asian doctors in turkey, they always cured me of everything that was wrong. time will tell.

*faracy is in town tomorrow! yay! finally i will have a girlfriend here with me, even if for only a few days. yay yay yay!

*i`m bored of this for now. the hate mail took a lot out of me. good thing Sai Cash has got my back, i feel tired but also strangely ennervated by the encounter. i love the Spirits. they always boost us up when we need it.


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