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‘lost in la mancha’ or goodbye to accursed spain

i think spain exists in a black hole. like los angeles, an accursed place where nothing goes right and madness is sanity. don’t get me wrong, i am all about madness, but more that creative madness that is healthy, not the drug-addled-brain madness that seems to infect the denizens of this sweltering land. case in point: terry gilliam’s attempt to create Quixote from the ether and some malevolent Force Majeure preventing his vision from bearing fruit. i feel if he had tried to make the film anywhere but spain, it would have worked. it would have been such a fantastic film, just from the few frames that made it it was so clear what ribald joy the movie would have been if not the spanish demons had eaten it alive. i am glad to be leaving a place that more or less shuts down in august because everyone and their mother goes to the beach. the whole frickin country is on vacation. i’m all for vacations, but come on! we were trying to set up appointments with people last week for last minute school stuff and the common response was, ‘i can’t come today because i’m going on vacation next week.’ ooooh kay…

of all the spaniards i have met in my 2+ years living in andalucia, i have only met one who seems to me to be a truly good person through and through. this is my friend sandra’s boyfriend, juan, who is just lovely and wonderful and i am so happy that my friend is with such a nice person. any other spanish guy and i think i would be worried for her. so, looking on the bright side at least i met one incredibly nice spaniard. although it does not say much for the greater populace. and the crackhead neighbor saga continues as now the UniSonger is not only still tripping out on the same bad techno song, but now proceeds to throw his garbage directly from his balcony into the street. how very civilised. their behaviour is so erratic, i feel better when we close our window when we go out because i fear they will begin to throw their cigarettes or whatever into our apartment. not to mention one of his crackhead buddies lurks around the front door of our apartment building, for what i don’t know but it freaks me out nonetheless.

i’ve been so negative lately, i do hope this stops when we move away. i don’t think spain is good for me. i have another appointment to see the doctor tonight as my ear is still a mess and hurts so much…i hope all of these health issues will turn out to be psychosomatic when we leave, albeit they certainly feel real enough now.

i wonder what it will be like in istanbul. certainly many of the annoyances of southern spain will not be present, but what new ones will there be? and will they be as unbearable as here?

what i am really really REALLY looking forward to is our trip to madrid before the flight when we are going to see ‘pirates of the carribbean 2’ IN ENGLISH! oh the sublime joy! oh heavens unite in bliss! i have this uncontrollable hysterical cat-like hissing at the television when i see the previews dubbed in spanish…johnny depp’s dubbed voiceover actor is this effeminate little shit who sounds as if his testicles never dropped cuz his mama still does his laundry. blasphemy, in my book. and to think that people here don’t even know what he really sounds like! or jack nicholson! or robert deniro! or anyone, for that matter! ooooh, movies in english! ooooh, visits to troy and ephesus! ooooooh, escape from spain ye accursed land at last. huuurrrahhh!

hi ho, hi ho, to istanbul we go!


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