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finally some real movies and saying goodbye to granada


The glorious Alhambra.
The glorious Alhambra.

in previous blogs i have discussed a two types of travellers phenomenon (The Questing Traveler and the Runaway Traveler) along with my discontent at the cowardice demonstrated in films these days in telling the easiest parts of stories and leaving the most interesting and complicated parts alone.

because i have been surrounded by Runaway Travelers and feel myself to be a Quester, my last few days here have been spent watching movies that i have always wanted to see but never had the chance to up until now. steve is going out and drinking cuz he won’t be able to do that so much in turkey, and for once it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. (except he’s beer stinky when he gets home, yuck!). one thing i will miss about granada is our fantastic video club. monday night i saw two films that were such a breath of fresh air. the first was ‘an unfinished life’ and the second was ‘sling blade.’ now, those are what i call movies. they both take place in moments where much of the very dramatic stuff has already taken place (deaths, abuse, trials, etc) and instead shows how the characters live and interact with such a heavy past on their shoulders. of course, new things happen that are also very dramatic and life-changing, but because of the wonderful telling of the backstories, i felt like so much more happened in a short ammount of time. plus, there was no need to show everything. the performances were so marvelous that their words were enough to tell the story and in turn, these films were able to imprint themselves on my heart. i highly recommend both films, especially ‘an unfinished life,’ and don’t be put off by jennifer lopez’s presence in it. for once, she rises to the par of robert redford and morgan freeman to give a truly beautiful and haunting performance. this is one for the collection.

maybe it is sad that after all this time in spain i am spending my days before our departure at home watching movies. but, seeing these two films was worth all of the interactions i have had with Runaway Travelers in the last six months all put together. PLUS, the nicest thing happened to me yesterday. i ended up having a long conversation with one of our neighbors, a beautiful lady named Lisa. my mother had left with me a beautiful lithuanian poncho, handmade wool, with this fantastic hood. it doesn’t fit me at all and i was so pained just to donate it. while talking to lisa i could just see her in it and i offered it to her. it looked perfect, she looked like a little fairy and it suited her to the T. she was so surprised at the gift, especially since it was something that obviously meant so much to me, but really i was just content that someone so lovely would wear my mom’s poncho and it would not just go to waste nor go unappreciated for what it is. we chatted a little while longer and then said ‘chau’ for the moment. five minutes later she was back at our door with a gift for me! a handpainted andalucian fan that her mother had made! i almost cried. after so many months of feeling that all i have done is give and give of myself and what i have to people around me getting virtually nothing back, this very small encounter with my neighbor will end up being one of my most favorite things that happened to me here. that is what you call being a good person, being raised well, and making a connection with someone. i was so happy that at last something that i was looking for happened and i am happy i will leave here with such a lovely memory.

and speaking of lovely things, thank you to my very very lovely readers who have such lovely lovely things to say about my writing. it means so much to me and i get a warm fuzzy when i read your comments. thank you so very muchly!

about to pass out from lack of food so will continue this later.

love to you all!


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