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first friends in turkey and hollywood goes to iraq

my life as the elephant man continues and i have one more day to sleep upright before i go back for my follow-up appointment. this has kept me housebound and i have been trying to get caught up on emails, some of which have been pending since the wedding! i love having internet at home again, it helps me get my act together. although there are some sewage smell issues from the upstairs apartment, i am hoping we stay in this flat just for the simple fact that we could unpack and begin to settle in without too much hassle. i want to draw on the walls!

even though i have been only in the flat or accross the street to the supermarket (damn it’s hard to walk in crowded places when you can’t turn your neck!) i have made some new friends. there is a family of gorgeous cats that live in a pile of old furniture in front of our apartment, on the ground floor. there’s Mama Cat, Papa Cat and Brother and Sister Cat. they look more like miniature jaguar/mountain lions than cats. their faces are diamond shaped and feral, not like round-faced domestic cats i have seen. they have vivid green eyes and won’t eat the cookies i toss them (much to my shock and horror) but love chicken bones. Papa Cat is not my friend, though. i wanted to feed the Baby Cats as they are looking very skinny and Mama is running out of milk so we tossed them a chicken bone carcass which they were happily munching away on, until that sonofabitch Papa Cat snarled and stole it. oooooh i was pissed. at least the bastard shared it with Mama Cat so she had some energy to feed the babies but boy i was M-A-D. now when they hear us in the kitchen they turn their heads our way and look to see if they will be fed. i like watching them when they sleep. the kittens curl up into each other and my favorite little one likes to put one of his paws out and hold the cushion as he sleeps. i want to adopt them but steve says no. anyway i’m allergic, but i love them and want to take care of them. i suppose i will be content to just feed them. i also watched Mama cleaning her babies and the pure ecstasy on their faces at the attention and the love. they are so much like us. for first friends, this family is perfect.

i have also been watching CNN Live, which is a bizarre version of CNN that only shows breaking news. there are no general updates. yesterday we learned about the millions of dollars spent on an advertising campaign in iraq both on TV and billboards to encourage citizens to support the new government and reminding the iraqi’s that the american soldiers are their friends. a TV ad, filmed in hollywood, graphically warns citizens of suicide bombers. and they wonder why civil war in the area is imminent? millions of dollars spent on advertising versus $2 spent on reconstruction of the country… damn those ungrateful iraqi’s! god bless america.


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