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better living through chemistry is a lie

with my unending mood swings and a whole host of other horrifying symptoms i will not even begin to go into, i have just discovered that it is not only me but hundreds of other women who are taking the birth control pill YASMIN…

i am beginning to feel there is no better living through chemistry and that every illness we go through, be it period pains, ear infections, what have you, are happening for a reason and have a spiritual root as much as a physical root. apparently, many women report the same types of sinus problems and sore throat problems that lead me to an infection that knocked out my poor ear crystals making me the elephant man for my first week here in istanbul! i am not the only one! Praise be the Goddess of Internet Chat Rooms, i am saved.

very excited that i will be back to normal soon and that any problems i have will be MY problems, not caused by the myth of better living through chemistry.


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