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food poisoning, circumcision parties and wentworth miller

Erdek pier lights.
Erdek pier lights.

though not exactly in that order and not exactly related.

that wentworth miller is so HOT right now. wowza.

i just went through me first food poisoning in turkey, big step for one new to a country. steve is experiencing his first cold. but it is almost worth it for the amazing food we had this weekend and the good swimming time steve had in the sea of marmara. we went to the summer house of our turkish friend, hakan, for a lovely relaxing weekend away from the city. well, almost relaxing. the bumpy boatride across the marmara left me singing like kermit, it is not that easy being green and seasick. no sirree it’s not. and seasickness aside, food poisoning from delicious food should just not happen. but it does, and my gurgly tummy attests to this fact.

while in erdek, on the marmara, we witnessed one of the stranger things i have heard of to date. in turkey, boys are not circumcised until they are about 9 years old. in honour of their circumcision, their ceremony of becoming a man, a huge party is thrown during which the child is circumcised and the party continues. yes. you did read it correctly. apparently, in more traditional parts of turkey the excised foreskin is cooked with rice and whosoever receives the portion with aforementioned foreskin, will have very good luck. not-so-traditional turks choose to simply bury the pesky bit of skin and leave it at that. for the men cringing in horror, the boys are put under an anesthetic though i am not sure if it is local or general…

and tummy turning cute boys and penis stories aside, today the world lost a fearless crocodile hunter. Steve Irwin, may he rest in peace, passed away after being stung by a stingray filming his latest underwater documentary. the incredible conservationist and one of my personal heroes, has returned to the Spirit Realm much to the heartbreak of all of us he left behind. i say a prayer for his wife, Terry, and two children for this great loss they are suffering. the world is short one very, very special man. Mr. Irwin, i will be missing you. say hi to everyone over there for me, please, and give Wendybird a hug if you don’t mind. you leave another little hole in my heart.