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a love letter to M. Night Shyamalan

Dear Mr. Shyamalan,

So often I am touched by art created by another and in the immediate afterglow of the experience want to write to tell them how and how much it affected me. I never end up writing the letters and they are beginning to fill a cabinet within my heart. I don’t know if you will even read this, but I will send it anyway and hope for the best.

I just saw your film, “The Lady in the Water,” and I have no other choice but to write to you. This pressure in my chest and lump in my throat are telling me that they will not go away until I have said to you what I am feeling, and how your films have helped me from the very beginning. It is strange how the magic we feel when engrossed in someone’s work of art begins to fade once our attention is forced away from it. I suppose this is why I have never written a letter to you before, or to Louise Erdrich, Alice Walker, Stephen King, among others, but thankfully not now. Life gets in the way and the importance of the magic we feel in the moments of captivation by art begin to fade until the next piece of art reminds us of what is always there but mostly forgotten.

This is how I feel every time I see one of your films. I feel that questions that follow me and have since I was a child are somehow answered in your visions and I get a sense of wholeness I have a difficult time finding anywhere else. I am someone who has grown up and lived all over the world and I have been realising that I do not have a physical home, but rather a home based on ideas and people that I love, a home based around ideas of people I respect with all my heart and soul. Each time I see one of your films, I feel more complete, more rooted to this world and to myself, to everyone who surrounds me. When I am faced with one of your visions I feel that they are something that I have always known in my heart, known to be true by very few others, and it comes to life. I am not alone in my believing. When I see your films, I myself feel understood, and this is of no small comfort. That all the madness begins to come in focus and the reasons that hide in the shadows of life become more clear.

I guess what I am trying to say boils down to a simple thank you. Thank you for sharing your visions with the world. Thank you for having the strength, courage and determination to have gotten where you are now. I am sure it was not an easy journey and I hope that it has been as worth it for you as it is for me and the many others who are touched so deeply by your vision. Your work is inspiring and helps me to remember that at the core of every story, of every vision, of all life is faith. Faith and love. Thank you. I will remember you in my prayers for all that you and your family may need, always.

In honour of Tony Black Feather,



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