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what’s it all about, alfie?

He looks sweet, but he's a real shit.
He looks sweet, but he’s a real shit.


the stray cat saga continues with the witnessing of some supremely grotesque behaviour. there is a tomcat i have dubbed Mr. Toad because he is eternally horny (=horny toad=Mr. Toad), following the girls around and mewling to get their sexual attentions. today, when i came home i heard a very distressed kitty noise coming from outside. what did i find? Mr. Toad was violating one of the kitties, Duckie, as she was screaming and he was pumping away at her while holding on to her neck with his teeth. Oh. My. God. i was traumatised, witnessing four-month old Duckie’s violent deflowering. the way she was screaming and the way Mr. Toad had her neck in a vise with his sharp teeth. horrifying. i threw water on him to get him off her but the damage was done. THEN, if that pedophiliac behaviour was not bad enough from the brute, he went after Friskie (Duckie’s runty sister)! steve kept telling me that they are stray cats and stray cats do that, but DAMN. Mr. Toad’s horny behaviour is not that different from a lot of men in this world, who take what they want from a female regardless of her screaming and discomfort, and they will go as far as Mr. Toad to put the woman’s neck (or hands or whatever) in a vise to prevent her from getting away until he is finished with his primal urges. so does that make those men animals? they are not animals, they are in fact human so what is this about? and don’t give me that bullshit ‘spreading the genes’ theory that was invented by a man who surely raped and beat his wife, claiming an evolutionary urge. there is something strange going on in this world. i am disturbed.

this relates to the recent scandal in the US congress where the republican congressman spearheading legislation protecting children from pedophiles on the internet turns out to be pedophile himself. so much for the republicans representing old fashioned family values and morals. what is the republican response to this? the congressman is behaving like a DEMOCRAT! oh, yes, high morals AND intelligence. where does such a highly evolved group such as this one come from? can i join if i simply believe? or do i have to be blood-born from first cousins to join? good job, America. way to set an example for the world. i can’t for the life of me figure out why we are called hypocrites the world over.

and speaking of trust, i am now at war with the stray cats. after months of feeding Saucy, Friskie, Mr. Toad (before i knew the truth about him), Alfie, Garfield, Duckie, Izzy, Tommy and others, the only ones that let me pet them are my Tommy boy and mama Izzy. the rest of them are more than happy to eat the food i put out, but when i go near them they look at me as if i am the type of person to open fire on a group on amish schoolgirls and then they scamper off looking over their shoulder to make sure i am not chasing them. jeez. this is what i get for trying to help. i decided the only cats that i would continue to feed are my little man Tommy, who is one of the lights of my life here, and Izzy because she lets me pet her and always says thank you after she eats. cats are weird. today, Alfie jumped about 12 feet from our balcony down to the grassy patio below to get away from me! although i was impressed by such a stunning feat, what the hell is so scared of me for?! i have done nothing but feed them and be nice to them. which is now over and i will not hesitate to throw water on anyone but Tommy or Izzy who wanders into MY territory. so there.

and what the hell was up with the amish school shooting? i mean, God. apparently they are saying that the psychopath who did it had abused children when he was younger and harboured a grudge against young girls, hence the massacre. is anyone else completely unsatisfied with this type of response? what is wrong with american men? and then they are blaming myspace for the other massacre of schoolgirls that took place in colorado because that is where the psychopath found out who the girls were. oh yeah, myspace’s fault that a person in america can go to any gun shop and by a weapon, take it to a school and begin shooting. bad myspace, bad bad bad! nevermind we are sick men with perverse thoughts about young girls we will never meet and so we must brutally murder them and end our own lives like the cowards we are. forget about that fact that we live in a society where it is easier to buy a gun than have health insurance. let’s not discuss the pervasive mysogny in american society that bleeds through television, movies, advertisements and is absorbed into the impressionable areas of our brains. it’s all myspace’s fault! they made me do it! waaaaaa. fuckers. i don’t believe in hell, but if there is one i hope they are burning. i hope they burn all day, have an hour to heal and then burn all over again. may that last for eternity.

i’ve often wondered about the roots of american violence. i think part of it stems from the nation being bathed in the blood of native populations and slaves who were wiped out by the white settlers genocidal policies. the land is haunted by their ghosts and stained with blood, how can it not seep into the blood of modern citizens? but i also wonder what role inbreeding plays in this seemingly american-style violence. you know how inbred mountain-dwellers (think: “Deliverance.” think: “Wrong Turn.” think: the X-Files episode that took place in appalachia where there were two seriously deformed inbred sons whose mother had no arms or legs and was kept under the bed, only released to be violated by her sons…) tend to exhibit higher levels of violence and rage than those who come from two unrelated gene pools? they have done studies on this that show how when people of the same family breed there are genetic defects that can range from mild retardation to down’s syndrome to monstrous deformities and a natural rage. i wonder if inbreeding, albeit very subtle inbreeding, plays a role in american violence. white communities, up until not very long ago, were very closed off from others and although there may not have been first or second cousin marriages, there may have been enough relatives getting married to affect their genes thus leading to extremely high levels of violence in the greater population. or maybe this is just me trying to find an explanation for something that is unexplainable and certainly inexcusable. the traits of serial killers and mass murderers are known by all wary women as being white males aged 25-40.

another example can be made of turkey. it is part of their culture and tradition to have first cousin marriages, so i learned from a UNICEF study i recently edited, and they are also known to be an exceedingly violent people in history. look at armenia, cyprus, greece…turkey has been at war with the surrounding lands since prehistory, and it has not stopped. turks have the more difficulties getting visas than iranians and other middle eastern nations! even if they are married to someone from another country, it is exceedingly difficult if not impossible for them to get a visa for cultural, political and racial reasons. people seem to be afraid of turks in particular, and why?

is this an unspotted trend? is there such a thing as mild inbreeding? it would seem to be something that affects males more than females (who was the last woman serial killer? and don’t say that woman in florida they made the movie about, she was misrepresented and i believe killed those perverts in self-defense; men who go to prostitutes should be punished by law. who was the last female mass murderer? etc.) and affects only a portion of the population. i think mild inbreeding would lead to that violent psychopathic perverted serial killer mass murderer pedophiliac incestuous rapist behaviour, some of which is particular to the USA and some of which could also be related to mildly inbred communities around the world. this could be the explanation i have been searching for and the more i percolate it, the more it makes sense. but then, the logical next question is: what can be done
about it? if mild inbreeding is a possible root of violence, how can the issue be addressed? how can it be combated? i have no thoughts on this matter. yet.


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