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not such a long way to happy


*i used to have this thing about not adding people on myspace i don’t know in person until i met a few people online who i feel like i have always been friends with and their transition into my life has been butter smooth. i realised that we can connect with people in so many ways. in person by looking into their eyes and sharing our hearts. or through our soul’s ephemeral recognition of another’s even though distance may separate us. our vibrations can carry across oceans and be evidenced through the joy we transmit through cyberspace. this is, by far, my most favoritest thing about myspace.

*i am getting the feeling that Tommy the pinball wizard, our stray cat, is indeed magical. he seems to have powers of regeneration like nothing i have ever seen in a sentient being. the hole in his neck from when the other cats tried to kill him has healed so perfectly there is not even a scar. two days ago he was limping with a horrid gash on his left foot, but today when he came by there was no more gash and no more limping. magical. i love how he wants to be petted before he eats and how he always says goodbye when he is leaving, even if the kitchen door is open for him. he will come to the living room to get some tickles and off he goes with his tail in the air. what a darling little prince. i suppose naming him after the who’s tommy was not so far off – although at the time i gave him the name for totally different reasons. i guess names find us, not the other way around.

*i know i am turning into something of a housewife as each day i plan my cooking and cleaning around a program…it may totally be the lamest thing since the 1950s but i love ‘one tree hill’ and it is one of my simple joys of the day to smell dinner cooking and watch my special show. something about the sad earnestness of the main character, lucas, drew me in and now i watch it regularly. not to mention the fact that each show is opened with a wonderful quote by someone wise and wonderful. it touches me, even though it would appear to be a teeny-bopper soap opera. i don’t care. i have no shame. joy should be taken when it comes. i like it, i like it alot.

*writing fairy tales is what i have been doing. i’ve been trying to avoid the news for a few more weeks. it freaks me out and upsets me and after the great cosmic event that took place on the 17th i don’t feel like being negative or upset. i am working on focusing on the positive things in my life. the love that is present. the opportunities that exist. since i have been reading ‘grimm’s fairy tales’ i have started thinking in fairy tales and i love it! it is a way to be morbid without being morbid as the darkness in a tale comes with a moral or a value that is, in itself, positive. it is a way to write stories that uplift my soul and make me feel like i am participating in a worldwide cultural activity that has taken place since pre-history. there is something very grounding in the excersise.

*and speaking of feeling grounded, i have a new friend named shannon. we go and drink tea in a secret garden cafe that is, also, nothing short of magical just down the street from our houses. it is especially lovely because when i first met her i was still detoxing from the years of negative energy spain infused in me and i was totally resistant to a friendship with her. to any friendship, really. but since meeting some very inspiring people on myspace and going through the cosmic energy beam a few days ago, shannon and i finally clicked and she is, simply, a joy to be around. such a kind and loving person, patient and gentle. we find ourselves laughing and laughing together, over the silliest of things and yet the laughter is rejuvenating, regenerative. it is so wonderful to, all of a sudden, have such an influx of positive influences in my life. the energy was so much needed and so much welcomed, finally! i love how we find friendship in the most unexpected of places, and i think that is the lesson of the week.

*there will be more fairy tales on their way and any editing or content comments would be very much appreciated if the spirit moves you…thanks to everyone for their prayers and good energy, it seems to have worked something wonderful!