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what a difference a day makes

oh, yes, the sort of more sane people won back the House! three cheers for Nancy Pelosi! hip hip HOORAY! hip hip HOORAY! hip hip HOORAY! congress belongs to the Democrats once again and let us pray that they use their power well. i would start with the impeachment trial of George W. Bush. if bill clinton was under an impeachment trial for lying about his sex life let us hope the in-power Democrats will get it going against Bush for, well, lying to get involved in WAR!!!!! and it all seems so simple in sezinspeak, doesn’t it?

i find it incredible how much actually changes in one day. about this time i was following election fraud notices and all of the crazy violence against voters of color, fearful and trepidatious about what the USA had in store for the world next. to not watch any more news i began to clean the house like a mad housewife before Tommy came home and messed it all up. all of a sudden i got an urgent email for a rush translation job needed this evening by 7PM. so, not only did i translate 15+ pages, i cooked dinner and had the entire house cleaned. i even managed to wash and set my hair. just kidding. well, only on the last one. i didn’t have time to worry about the election. sitting at the computer last night with a whole bunch of strange real estate jargon in spanish i felt strangely alive. the area of my brain where my spanish fluency lives got a chance to wake up, and i was struck by how much easier it is to translate when i am not living in spanish. i think i recuperated my english language skills in the three months we have been here, along with other things like my positive outlook and the happiness i was convinced was gone forever. what a difference a day makes.

and then to read the news about the election…oh yeah. chocolate doesn’t taste as good as this kind of satisfaction.

i need to say a special thank you to linda, who is partially responsible for the amazingly radiant mood i have been recently. lovely linda who wrote me the most loveliest of inspiring messages of hope and illumination when i was at my most despondent. i think her words and prayers helped lift me up just that little bit to see all the joy in life i was missing out on from sitting in my hole of misery. linda, thank you. i love you. i will write to you soon. you are the bestest. ever.

so while on the topic of the bestest, i have a few more bestest things to mention. my Tommy! he has turned into the cuddliest of cuddlebugs! this was the cat that when we first met him would not let me go near him and flinched at the slightest move. now he comes in and jumps on my lap, sticks his legs in the air so i can rub his belly! i am smitten. but i was not so crazy about the fleas, so now Tommy has a lime green tea tree oil flea collar! oh does he ever look handsome. and i can see how proud he is to wear it, like he is bragging with his eyes about his mommy and how much she loves him. he purrs when i even come near him! Sezin Loves Tommy and Steve. my little family. sigh.

so even though i have had a most productive of days with a finished and well-polished translation already turned in hours before the deadline, absolutely overjoyed at the hope for some great changes in american politics, and glowing from my shannon-time (who is my new editor and an incredible one at that) i am off to the shop to get dinner and then to cook it. a woman’s work is never done! but my reward is ‘one tree hill’ at 7. life is good and just gets better and better.


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