Istanbul · Spirituality

Thankfulness is…

*waking up to a new day full of possibilities, wonder, magic and joy to be found around every corner.

*a beautiful family and incredible friends, feeling love flowing to and from me to all corners of the globe.

*having found my true love and although there is no happily ever after in real life, I am happier for having met him and happiest for our love that grows with each passing day.

*a roof over my head, hot water, heating when it gets cold, a fan when it is hot and electricity to run it, food to eat and clothes to wear, a bed to sleep in.

*myspace, for reconnecting me with people I thought were lost forever and for helping me make some lovely new friends. If ever I feel sad I simply look at my comments page and immediately feel better, love becomes tangible.

*my special relationship with the Spirit Realm and those who reside in it, as well as the people who inspired and made this relationship possible.

*the beauty that fill this world. ani difranco, orhan pamuk, robert altman, the trees losing their gold leaves outside, conversations with stray cats, arundhati roy, journals filled with poems and quotes, lakota beadwork, sunlight streaming through sparkly curtains, paintings on walls that will be left behind as a gift to the next inhabitants of a place, ruins that are hundreds of years old, smiling eyes, early morning and late night cuddles, the smell of curry. there is so much beauty in the world, but i can take it without my heart caving in and instead i feel my heart growing ever bigger at the thoughts.

*our Tommy, the pinball wizard, whose life we saved and who curls up with me on my chair, legs up for me to pet his belly and purring like the Little Engine That Could.

*Christmas with my parents, our Christmas Lunch tradition and our new set of grown-up Christmas movies, such as ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Assault on Precinct 13’ while I will be staying up until all hours in the morning watching the old favorites, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and ‘The Santa Claus.’ This time even better because Steve will be with me.

*being able to choose if I will eat or not, while so many in the world have no choice in the matter. same goes for water. same goes for my life.

*having access to the internet, to a telephone, to the technologies that make life just that little bit easier for some while so many others can only dream that one day they too will have all of these blessings.

*remembering all that there is to be thankful for in this life, with this life.

*knowing that there will always be more good things, wonderful things, positive things than negative things, and same goes for people.

*the choice we have in being happy, enjoying our lives, doing our very best and being full of thanks each and every day, giving thanks each and every day for these most wonderful of lives.


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