Can Writing Change the World?

Do you think that writing can change the world? Do you think that writing can lift the soul from darkness? Do you think that someone else’s words can effect a change in your own heart that helps you yourself to make the world a better place?

I am not talking about the entire planet. I’m talking about a more Pay It Forward kind of changing the world. Doing good things for people and knowing that they will do good things for others in turn. Not expecting anything back after doing a good thing, just doing it because kindness is wonderful. Kindness makes the world go round and makes us age slower.

For the most part I try to live my life constantly inspired. Inspired by people around me, inspired by art, by warriors, by Saints. Sometimes I stumble, but when I do I look even harder for inspiration. That glimmer, that sparkle that will snap me out of melancolic blues. I always find it and it always works. So often inspiration, that life-saving shimmer comes in the form of the written word. What about you? Have words ever saved your life?

Is it pathetic that when I write here and anywhere my ultimate goal is to make my world just a little better? Is it egotistical? Romantic? Idealistic?Rediculous? Possible?

Why do you read my blog? Be honest!

I asked a lot of questions, I know. It’s hard to answer when so much is being asked. Pick one, pick them all, write me something. Please!