The State of Disunity

At first, I wasn’t sure if Bush’s State of the Union Address was an official presidential speech or the opening of an Aerosmith concert, what with the catcalls and all. Bizarre. What anybody has to cheer about with this president is beyond me and the more his cowboy drawl droned on the more I felt my blood pressure rising.

Bush’s mission is to, “Guard America against all evil.” And to, “Make life better for our fellow Americans.” He is going to, “Restrain the spending appetite of the Federal Government,” as if it is a hungry beast with a mind of its own and is not powered by, well, the president himself.

Lord Bush mentioned that he will be working to improve American citizens access to private health care. Not universal health care or nationalised health care. To improve Americans access to private health care. I felt like there should have been an HMO banner flying like a Coca Cola flag behind him during that particular segment.

Mr. Bush noted that he will be doing his utmost of utmost to improve Immigrations Laws in America and “secure the borders.” America only has two borders. One is Canada, from which the US government has no problem allowing crossover since most of them are white. The troublesome border is Mexico, from where the cheap labour that fuels the US economy are found and where workers are culled who will do all the jobs that the rest of America has no interest in doing. He went so far as to note that immigrant workers should be welcomed into America’s “melting pot tradition that welcomes and assimilates foreigners,” and that the issue of illegal aliens in America must be dealth with “without animosity and without amnesty.” Ooookay.

He spent a chunk of time discussing America’s dependency on foreign oil, and dependency on oil in general, outlining several ways that technology and innovation can help ease these dependencies. For the first time, Bush admitted to the existance of global warming and its effects in global climate change. I suppose that is one good thing that came out of this speech.

During his words about the improving the Justice system in America, Dick Cheney actually stood up and applauded. Oh, Irony. I hope that dick stands in front of judge and jury hella soon.

Then, we got to the good stuff. About how the existence of The Terrorists (and that was indeed how he spoke the words, like a child pronounces The Monster Under The Bed all in caps) and The Enemy mean that “America is still at war.” So much for Mission: Accomplished, I guess. With hatred, a harsh and narrow ideology, preaching with threats, instructing with bullets and bombs, overthrowing moderate governments, and spreading their totalitarian ideology they are spreading a Totalitarian Threat throughout the world. No, not Bush and his cronies. This was The Terrorists and The Enemy he was discussing. Bush vowed to use “every lawful measure” to protect the American people from this threat. Yeah, lawful and unlawful. He forgot to mention that part.

“Terrorists hate people who think for themselves.” Um, actually, that would be the Bush Administration. Isn’t that how the war in Iraq has been going on almost 4 years now even after the war was won in the first few months? “Our own security is at risk if we leave the war in Iraq.” I am still not exactly sure how that works. Iraq had nothing to do with September 11, that was Saudi Arabia and so technically our security is at risk as long as no war is waged against them. Could someone please tell me what our security has to do with Iraq at all. Now or ever. Oh, wait, I get it. OIL SECURITY. Silly, Sezin. I had a George Dubya moment there.

The scariest part was when Bush began discussing Iran, Syria and North Korea and I will bet money that before he leaves office new wars will be waged in Iran and Syria. I imagine they will move the troops that are not maimed as of yet from Iraq across the borders into Iran and Syria.

“Chaos is the ally of The Enemy!” Bush cried while the brainwashed stood and applauded. I am frightened. This is not George Orwell, this is real life, remind yourself this is real life. This is not a joke.

He discussed world issues for about 2 and a half seconds. Mentioning all the wonderful work the American government is doing to help stop the spread of AIDS in Africa (a.k.a. abstinence programs in lieu of safe sex and family planning programs), as well as what they are doing to combat hunger and disease. If not for the “heroic kindness” and “self-sacrifice” of American people, so many parts of the world would be far worse than they are now. The heroic and self-sacrificing Americans won’t have anything to do with this moron so what in the Sam Hill was he babbling on about? Jeez.

For his closing, he introduced various people sitting in the balcony who were veterans or examples of enterprising Americans in a shameless bid of political correctness that is the USA’s theme, especially in diplomatic speeches. This type of rhetoric involves having delegates who are “success stories” of the American dream, even though those people are the vast minority in a sea of poverty, extreme poverty, lack of civil and political rights and economic, cultural and social rights even. Shameful and embarassing. This president is an embarassment.

My favorite part was when the president supported “the right to choose.” Better schools that is. He supports the right to choose better schools. I suppose that could be seen as half the battle, no?

This world just got even scarier.


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