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Braids for Uma

dear friends,

the Lakota have a beautiful story behind braiding one’s hair. culturally, the hair is symbolic of a person’s spirit and that is why indians always traditionally have long hair. this is why the violent assimilation projects involved cutting an indians hair.

braids are very special too. they are sacred. one strand represents The Earth, that is your body. the second strand represents The Sky that is your spirit. and the third strand represents The Creator, God, whatever you name that Divine Presence. a braid weaves them all together.

in essence a braid is a prayer. it is a prayer that is worn for all to see.

i propose Braids for Uma. when you are getting ready in the morning, make a braid and say a prayer for Uma that you will carry with you all day. i will be wearing my hair in braids until she wakes up, so won’t you join me?

this is just my way of praying. if you don’t want to braid your hair, or don’t have hair to braid, you can participate in the Vandalise the World for Uma project or the Dance Like A MoFo to your favorite song project. visit www.blogspot.com/uma. donate money to her recovery fund. whatever. help us help Uma! please.

she has taken a turn for the worst and whatever you do, do something. say a prayer, send her love, wear a braid. whatever you can do, please do it.