I realised yesterday that the reason my pregnant boss is punishing me by preventing me from working is because to her not working is a punishment! This is a lady who is almost 7 months pregnant, works in a high pressure high negativity atmosphere of a news room with a little boy in her belly, who very possibly resents the fact that she is ‘forced’ to stop working. She resents my ability to continue working hence my ongoing copy editing exile.

To add futher proof to this theory I heard her talking to a friend about her plans to continue freelancing while she is on maternity leave! And she is only taking 4 months off beginning March 1 with the baby is due in the middle of May. Meaning: by June she will be back at work! When the baby is just a little bit of a thing and most needs his momma.


What an insane dynamic for bringing a child into this world.

I am finding more and more reasons to never ever ever ever EVER have children. Not because kids aren’t God’s little gifts, but because we grown ups are too messed up to be in charge of them.


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