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Turkish Lessons


They say you can’t know Turkey or understand anything about its people without having your job threatened by management or by getting fired.

Today I just learned the latter Turkish lesson as I was fired today from my job at the Turkish Daily News.

At first, it stung. That was pride fucking with my head, as Marcellus Wallace would say. I’ve never been fired from a job in my life! Oh the shame! Oh the horror! Me? Why me?

But, they actually did me a favor. I couldn’t manage in that environment (8 hours a day, 6 days a week, unable to go outside and hardly time to take a break) and certainly I could hardly edit in that environment either. So much noise, so little oxygen, so much negativity. So little time and so much crap to work through.

They were quite polite about it and I even got paid for this month of work. At least there was that.

How much can you know about yourself until you’ve been fired? I wondered how long everyone else knew about it because very few people were surprised as I was leaving. Creepy. I would hedge a bet that everyone in there is worried about their jobs right now, and I am sure that will make an even more productive work environment for an already struggling newspaper.

However, getting fired was a very humbling experience, and one I am trying to take keeping in mind the saying, “When God closes a door, somewhere else She opens a window.” This is for a reason, and I am sure a pretty damn good one.

So, anyone need an editor?????


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