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Work Will Set You Free

Stop and appreciate the flowers.

I feel like the Turkish Daily News came into my life for a few specific reasons, and namely the people I connected with while I was there. Also, it gave me something to keep my mind focused on with Uma being in the hospital. I think if I were home alone all day it would have been really hard for me to pray for her and send her good energy to get better. I would have just worried, probably.

Oddly, I liked Istanbul so much more when I was not flung into her filthy nether regions each day. The bleak bus ride to that horrific tower, perching above the wasteland of concrete and shrouded in the black fumes of exhaust. Joining the masses of people on the work shuttles, being herded into elevators and through lines in order to get through security. The worst thing was the inability to breathe any fresh air. There were no windows to open, and even if there had been, the filth in the air was visible and tangible even, there wouldn’t have been much satisfaction in an open window anyway.

Now that I am back home, there is so much more beauty around me. The blooming lilac tree outside our window that makes it look like it’s snowing when the wind blows. Nice smells of Turkish food and the flower stall outside our front door. The ability to walk outside if I feel like it, the ability to go onto the balcony and squabble with the Stray Cats. Most importantly, being able to spend more time with Steve. It was a horrible month for so many reasons, but the worst was not spending more than 3 hours of quality time with Steve a day. It’s horrible to miss someone who is right next to you!

As much as my pride still stings from getting fired, the worse punishment would have been staying there.

Work indeed set me free.


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