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La Comunidad

If ever there were an accurate portrait of Spain, La Comunidad is it.

Did you ever see “The ‘Burbs”? Well, this is the Spanish version but far more accurate.

Nosy neighbors, nice only to bide the time whilst they wile away your demise to get what they want from your remains. The unveiled hatred of women. The veiled hatred of anything foreign. Oh. Alex de la Iglesia. YES! YES! YES.

que SI. que Si. dame uno mas! mas! MAS! MAS! que me has dado la imagen mas correcta, la imagen, mas mas mas de españa. su imagen su imagen. la imagen de espanña. Que SI, que SI SI SI SI.

oh yes.

if you have ever lived in spain, watch this movie. if you would like to live in spain, watch this movie. this movie sums up so much of my life there. and i am not exaggerating. i wish i was.

the only thing i wish i was were if i were somewhere else. because where i am right now is not much better than spain. but still, i am depressed. not just that ‘ooooh i’m depressed’ loser depressed. i am depressed. PTSD depressed. look it up if you don’t know what i’m talking about. PTSD. google. it’s a gift from Goddess.

i’m drunk. i wish i wasn’t. but like i said, i’m depressed. i’ve been depressed for months and i hide it oh so good. don’t worry, if you saw me in person you would think i was fine too. i have this superpower of looking fine even if my world is falling apart. go fucking figure. this must be Queen Elizabeth’s legacy to me: we can disguise our pain so well that even those who know us the best have no idea. hmmmmm.

thank Goddess ‘six feet under’ is not on tonite, nor do i have access to DVD tv shows other than ‘one tree hill,’ ‘friends’ and ‘seinfeld.’ don’t worry. i won’t watch tree hill, it’s too sad, i’m on the season where peyton’s birth mom resurfaces and if you know the show you know what happens and why i cry at every fucking episode. damn TV. damn it all to hell. KILL YOUR TV.

i hate seinfeld. fuck seinfeld. i’d rather watch the walls and imagine what will happen in future “Heroes” episodes or what happens in the fourth season of “One Tree Hill.” please, leave peyton alone. that is my prayer. along with “UMA SPEAK!!!! UMA BREATHE!!!! UMA WALK.”

damn it. fuck being drunk.

i am not kidding.

back to the point. spain sucks. this movie illustrates it. but spain is not the only where that sucks.

maybe i suck too.

tell me if you think i don’t.


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