I picked up two copies of the Turkish Daily News a couple days ago. I went through it with a great deal of curiosity. What has been getting published since my hasty departure? Is it good? Does the paper miss me?

It brought me no small amount of delight to see that on a quick first read each and every article that was produced by the TDN had at least four major grammar and spelling errors. This isn’t even getting into content and clarity! Oh yes. January was spelt wrong, they seem to have lost the ability to use possessives (ex., “the speech of the president,” instead of “the president’s speech,” a common mistake among non-native speakers) as well as the ability to make coherent sentences. One article was completely missing the word “the.” Oh YES!

Their new copy editor wrote a whole article using the ‘Nobody puts Baby in a corner’ quote from Dirty Dancing, but not only was Dirty Dancing not in quotes as a film, the ‘Baby’ was not capitalized! In Dirty Dancing, ‘Baby’ was a proper name! The headline of her very poorly written treatise on women’s rights read: ‘Nobody puts baby in a corner.’ OH YES!

It is not nice to delight in other’s difficulties, but I took a great deal of pleasure in circling every single mistake in the paper and chortling a laugh that sounded eerily like Smithers. Oh yes.

Elvis has left the TDN building, and has taken grammar with him. Long Live The King!


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