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Goddess Uma

My friend found and took this rock to Uma for me while she was in the hospital.
My friend found and took this rock to Uma for me while she was in the hospital.

I have always believed that there is great power in names. A vibration that not only shapes the person but also invokes a distinct type of energy depending on the name. I have noticed that certain names do not bode well for me. There are names that have had such good energy in my life. There is a crazy and cosmic link between people with the same name and definitely something magic about names in general.

The name Uma comes from the Hindu pantheon of gods and goddesses. Uma, also known as Parvati whose alterego is Kali, is the “Bestower of Blessings” and “The Bright One” when in her Uma/Parvati form. In her Kali form, she is the goddess of death, destruction and rebirth. Uma is divine light and wisdom, the fertile nurturing form of woman. Uma is the self-sacrifice that is born of love. In Kali form, we take our demons to her and she slays them bringing us liberation and enlightenment.

I don’t think there is a more fitting name for my friend Uma, who defies medical explanation each day. After her brain aneurysm in New York she was in a coma for weeks and the doctors didn’t think she would ever wake up. She woke up. She moved parts of her body they said she wouldn’t ever move again without difficulty. A couple days ago she walked!

She was given a shunt which was meant to help the vessels in her brain drain blood. However, the shunt FAILED! It turned out those New York City big-shot doctors didn’t even put the shunt in the right place. Oh. My. God.

But Uma is okay! The doctors said that she should have been dead with the amount of blood in her brain from the bad shunt, but she was not. In fact, she even walked! She has been moving her bad side, she has been smiling, remembering, crying, itching. They have since fixed the shunt and now we are waiting to hear how the new and properly inserted shunt is doing, but she seems to already be better. More relaxed, more Uma.

There are so many things that could account for why Uma is doing so fricking well when all of science says that she should have died weeks ago. Number one is that Uma is a fighter and she isn’t giving up. Number two is that the power of prayer is working, with thousands of people all over the world sending Uma love and good energy. I would say that Number three is the power of her name. Uma is named for a powerful goddess who is both the lightness and darkness of the human experience. She is the powerful one that stands by Shiva, and it was Uma who saved the entire pantheon of gods from being destroyed. Uma the Goddess is a warrior, a lover, a destructor and a saver. Anyone who knows Uma knows she has embodied each of these traits, even before she fell ill. The cosmic vibration of her name, the light that she and it emits have inspired people all over the world. Her light, even in her somewhat physically diminished state, has reached so many.

A good strong name is a good strong first defense. While her name didn’t prevent such a horrible thing from happening to her, the power her name has infused in her personality and in her spirit is saving her every day. Does a name make a person or a person make a name? Either way, Uma is giving new meaning to her goddess name. Henceforth, the name Uma will always be associated with surviving against all odds and conquering even the most dismal of situations with a smile.

Uma, our living goddess, is and always will be the greatest of inspirations and a reminder of how much love there really is in this world. Uma, I love you. My prayers and thanks are with you. You are teaching us so much. You are love and light. You are illumination incarnate. You are a daily source of inspiration and wonderment. You have brought out the best in so many. You are indeed a Goddess. I kneel humbly at the foot of your bed, leaving bundles of jasmine and chicken curry. Get 100% well soon!


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