Emirates Airlines: A Skyward Hotel

I always thought that the airlines that offered a personal TV for each seat were the super-duper fancy airlines that only the wealthy could afford. Imagine my surprise at Christmastime to discover that Emirates Airlines has a personal TV built into every single seat in their airplanes! Wow! You get to choose what movies you would like to watch and they offer hundreds of choices. What a huge difference this makes with flying. Not only are there a load of movies to choose from, but they have video games, crossword puzzles, all kinds of music channels and easily the best service of any airline I have ever been on.

The most amazing thing was that we flew economy class from Istanbul to Colombo, Sri Lanka yet we still had all of these wonderful options that made the time fly by, pun most definitely intended. The cabin crew were incredibly kind and spoke like a dozen languages among the group of them. The food was wonderful, even in economy, and because I have to order the diabetic meal this means I get to eat before everyone else does.

Being on Emirates was seriously like being in an air hotel. Being able to choose one’s entertainment for the flight was so fabulous. On my way back from Sri Lanka I watched Pretty Woman and Freaky Friday and was as happy as a clam. These days, I really hate flying but there was so much available to do that I was able to keep myself busy the entire time of the flight and was almost sad that the flight was over. That was really something.

If you have the opportunity to fly with Emirates, do! It’s a wonderful experience and definitely makes flying worthwhile. I wish all airlines cared as much about their client as Emirates clearly does. I will be flying Emirates every chance I get, that is for sure.


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