Sage is one of the most powerful and magical of plants. There are numerous different types of sage and you will simply need to find which one is available near you. Sage is also known as salvia, and another related plant is sweetgrass, also used for cleansing and purification.

Burning sage, which is also called ‘smudging’ by Native Americans, is a wonderful way to cleanse the self and a space of negative energy. Sage has wonderful cleansing and purifying qualities and you will notice the difference immediately after burning sage in your house. Even simply rubbing the leaves in your palm will create that characteristically sweet sage smell that produces an instantly calming effect. Smudging with sage can purify a new house, clear a house of negative energy, clear yourself of negative energy and even purify an object that may have collected negative energy in some way. For example, if you have bought or found a crystal of some sort, it is always good to immediately clean the crystal with sage smoke or soak it in salt water. Crystal in particular absorbs the energy of everything that has been in its vicinity, more so than many other rocks, and must be cleaned regularly otherwise the object can do you more harm than good. Because everything has an energy and energetic properties, as well as absorbing qualities, it is a good idea to have sage on hand for smudging, especially for items that you may use for your spiritual practice or prayer. Please make sure, when burning sage, that you always use a clean dish.

Sage can also be infused into tea and produces the same calming and cleansing effect, as well as aiding digestion. In Turkey, they drink sage tea with sugar or honey, but I have found that sage doesn’t like to be mixed with other things and its healing properties are far more evident when it is imbibed solo.

Sage essential oils can also be used to help with sleeping disorders and to combat anxiety, while bringing very powerful nighttime visions.

When smudging or infusing sage it is also nice to say a small prayer and invite the spirit of sage to help you with your healing and cleansing. Sage is a very powerful herb and must be respected in order for it to do its magic.

You would be amazed how much the small act of burning sage can change your life and your state of happiness. This is indeed a simple daily act that can turn everything around and open you up to receive all the goodness and joy that surrounds you, while ridding you of the negative energies that obstruct clarity and peace.


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