Water: The Source of Healing

Water is indeed the most magical substance on this planet. Our bodies are 75% water and our brain is 85% water. While we can last for 2 days with food and no water, we can last for 6 days with water and no food. Recent scientific studies are beginning to show that prolonged dehydration could be a root cause of Alzheimer’s disease as well as many other illnesses like arthritis, kidney and liver diseases. Our organs, our brains require water more than anything else and our bodies begin to suffer if we are not constantly replenishing it.

Headaches, for example, are caused by dehydration. They are the bodies way of telling you that you are seriously thirsty and need not simply a glass of water, but as much as a litre of water or more in order to rehydrate. Next time you have a headache, try drinking water before taking an Advil. It will not work immediately, but drink 2 liters of water over an hour and you will see that you headache goes away ‘by itself.’

Water is the best cure for urinary and other infections and colds. Instead of the recommended 2 liters a day, you would up that to 4 liters a day until the infection has been flushed out. It can be annoying to have to constantly go to the toilet, but isn’t that better than having the infection take root in your body and cause other related illnesses? By drinking an excess of water you are literally flushing the sickness-causing bacteria out of your body while boosting your immune system. If you take Vitamin C, eat grapefruit and oranges while drinking loads of water it allows the vitamins and anti-bacterial properties of the fruits to get into your system all the quicker, helping you heal even faster.

Many times, hunger is a disguised cry for water, especially if you have just eaten but still feel a bit peckish. A couple glasses of water and you will be right as rain. Next time you feel like snacking even though you know you really aren’t all that hungry, trying drinking some water and see if that helps. This may also be a good way to cut out between-meal snacks if you are on a diet and drinking water actually boosts your bodies metabolism at the same time.

Hot water helps to boost your immune system, too, whether it be through teas and infusions or taking a hot bath. Drinking tea after a meal also helps to improve digestion, especially if the meal was very heavy and greasy. Herbal teas and infusions are better than caffeinated tea, although there has been evidence that Black Tea has many nutritional properties, such as anti-oxidants and blood purifiers, when drunk in moderation.

Being fully hydrated is the body’s best defense because, firstly, all of your organs will be working at 100% and, secondly, because it will be flushing out bacteria and other non-desirables from your blood and organs at a steady rate. One of the best indicators for being able to tell how hydrated or dehydrated you are is by the color of your urine: if it is clear you are hydrated, if it is yellow then you are dehydrated. The more yellow your urine is the more dehydrated you are and you need water immediately. If you notice you are dehydrated, you should drink water constantly until your urine runs clear and then you know you are fully hydrated, at least for the time being.

Water is an amazing cure for so many of the modern ailments, yet we turn to medicines and complicated therapies in order to heal ourselves. So often, all we need is a drink of water and if we can take care of this very simple thing each day, we are in fact protecting ourselves from far worse ailments to take root in the future, Alzheimer’s no doubt being one of the scarier results of long-term rehydration. So, eat, drink water, and be merry!

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