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The Battle of the Cats



My Domino hasn’t visited in a day, which for Domino, The World’s Neediest Cat, is a big deal and I am sort of worried about what’s happened to him. Especially since today, my Tommy rolled up with a bloody and gaping hole in his cheek! These cats are intense little warrior creatures, so they are. Tommy ate, bled all over the balcony and then wandered off again. My initial reaction is that Domino did it. He doesn’t like to share me and I think he was pretty upset the other day when I pet him and Tommy at the same time. I was trying to help them be friends, but maybe in their world there is no such thing. But, again, this is all pure conjecture and I sure have a lot of time to think here.

Saucy is back to living on our porch, more or less, which tells me that her babies must have all died. And I really think Duckie, her eldest daughter, must be dead too because I haven’t seen her in like 2 weeks. I wonder if young females get killed often during their time in heat. The males are so incredibly violent, they go completely mad, and they all gang up on the female as well as each other to be the one that gets in there. What a scary life. Saucy has been looking at me with these sad green eyes as she sits on her window seat. She never speaks but those eyes tell me everything.

Jack Pumpkinhead really disappointed me a couple days ago when he bared his fangs and hissed at me like I was his ultimate enemy. He came right to the kitchen door and hissed with a ferocity I have only seen in the female cats when trying to defend their honor. It was unnerving and talk about biting the hand that feeds you. I don’t know what I did to upset him. I wonder if one of the other cats said something. Maybe Domino is smearing my good cat name so that he can achieve AlphaCat status on the balcony.

Last night the porch was devoid of all cat life. It suddenly hit me that we will be leaving this city and I won’t be able to take any of my feline friends with me. That thought made me so sad. Even though I can’t really depend on these cats and the majority only care about me because I give them at least one filling meal a day, still I have spent so much time with them and gotten to know each of them with varying degrees of intimacy. I am going to miss them so much and my life will not be the same without these wonderful pain-in-the-ass creatures. They are such a beautiful motley crew, with such distinct personalities I get to know better each and every day and I have become so close to them.

Studies have shown that people who have traveled and moved around their whole lives tend to form deeper attachments with animals than the usual person because most of the time, when moving, pets will travel with the family. I have gotten so attached to these cats and my heart is going to break when I have to leave them.

But in an effort to stay in the present, where the hell is Domino? And why hasn’t he come home? And my Tommy. Poor sweet little Tommy. I hope he will be okay. I’m worried.