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A Woman Under The Influence

“Let them eat cake,” said Marie Antoinette and that is just what I have been doing. I know, I know, I have horrible allergies and normally I cannot eat cake, sugar or bread. However, last week at our friend Ali’s birthday party I was given food that contained not a small amount of sugar and I have had icky symptoms all week. Before I begin taking the equally icky medicinal cure, I decided to enjoy some of the things that I normally cannot eat and did in fact end up having some birthday cake. It has been years since I’ve had birthday cake.

But the thing I realized was just how bad sugar is for the body. Yesterday, I fell into what could only be referred to as a sugar coma (and of course, it was nothing at all as serious as the coma Uma was in, I mean no disrespect whatsoever) and once I passed out from all the cake I had a seriously hard time waking up. I have been sluggish, bloated, and grumpy.

I have been a woman under the influence of sugar, which got me to thinking about influences in general. We can be under the influence of so many things, people, the past, substances, situations, cultures. Most of the time, we know when we are under something’s influence, even if we are unable to break its influence. The scary thing are the influences we are unaware of, especially if they are hurting us from the inside out. Like sugar. Like bread. Like antibiotics. Like household chemicals. It was obvious to me that I was under sugar’s poisonous influence because I don’t eat sugar every day, but what about everyone else who doesn’t? It took a long time to detox from sugar’s hold on me, but now that I have I recognise that sugar doesn’t even taste that good. It tastes fake and plastic. It is sickeningly sweet. Something about it tastes and smells wrong after all these years of not eating sugar.

It’s a little bit scary how people are so reliant on a synthetic chemically processed substance that does not naturally occur in nature. They eat it all day long, in candy bars, in food, in their drinks. They say that Sweet’n’Low is so bad because it’s fake, but white sugar is fake too! And it’s just as bad for you.

With all the influences I am under, I am thankful that sugar is not one of them.


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