From The Love Letter Project to The TripWire

The Love Letter Project was originally a series of love letters written on the free postcards found everywhere in Seville, Spain. I used to write the letter to real and imaginary people, friends, whomever inspired one. When I moved to Granada, Spain I couldn’t find the postcards anymore and translated the Love Letter Project into a blog. But when we left Spain to move to Istanbul, while I still occasionally wrote Love Letters, the Project was a Spanish one and I felt my blog moving on, moving forward. Not to mention that I rarely felt the Love Letter inspiration anymore. The Love Letter Project was predicated on love letters which I have long since stopped writing.

Thus was born The TripWire, my ‘new’ travelling blog. Of course, there is overlap between The Love Letter Project and The TripWire, but everything is connected in its way and everything written by an individual is linked to everything else they have written. How could it not be?

I keep an archive here to remember, and in case one day some of this all has a greater meaning than I would have imagined. If you’d like to read about my old adventures, read on at www.thetripwire.blogspot.com. If you’d like to follow my current adventures, you can find me blogging at Signs Of Life.



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