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The awkward transitional periods between one phase of life and the next can give us pause to review our history and see what we’ll salvage and take with us forward. At the moment, I’m saying goodbye to the last year of my life as a relocation coordinator and moving onto a number of new possibilities and challenges. I’m thinking about all the things from this last year that I’ll take with me, and I’ve decided that this blog is one of them.

The title “Signs of Life” was meant to inspire me all those months ago when I decided my old blog needed some revamping. Somehow, it did exactly the opposite. Then there were the wrist injuries, which required a downsizing in my computer time and instead the salvaging of an even older blog: my Love Letter Project.

When I started thinking about salvaging all these old projects, abandoned for lack of physical ability or desire, it occured to me that so much of the last year has involved realising that many things left behind should not have been and clarifying to myself where exactly my path is going. This past year of work has taught me many things: how to really connect with people over the phone, number crunching, that inevitable office politics are a lose-lose situation if you don’t “play the game”, and that my day job should not be so stressful that I don’t have the time and energy to do my real job: writing.

When I look back to my last entry here, I realise that the only moments of creative energy I’ve been able to foster in the last year have been during the brief periods of medical leave while my hands healed. How ironic is that? Writer turned office worker turned tendinitis girl with creative spurts during injuries that could not be expressed. How frustrating!

But it’s not just about salvaging old projects or lessons learned: It’s about recovering vital parts of one’s self that have been dormant. I’m looking forward to digging through the sludge and seeing what else I can resurface in the weeks to come.


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