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Forever Isn’t Long Enough (Buffy Season 5, Episode 17; April 17, 2001)

This episode, “Forever”, was even worse than the last one, in terms of the tears spoutage. And look at the dates: It aired almost 2 whole months later. I wasn’t watching it back then, but for the Buffy fans that must’ve sucked. To be left with such a tragic ending and then wait so long to move on with the show. Yuck.

What struck me most about this episode is Anya, the former revenge demon turned human girlfriend of Xander. There’s a scene where the gang is trying to cope with Joyce’s death and be strong for Buffy. Anya, being newly human, has a penchant for saying highly inappropriate things that seem callous, but really she just doesn’t know any better. In this episode, Anya drives everyone crazy but then, in a child-like twist, she breaks down and asks the questions that every human asks when they’ve lost someone they love: “Why did this happen?” She asks and asks, and cries, and everyone cries (including me) because there is no good answer.

There still isn’t.


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