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Spike Through The Heart

Spike is totally my favorite character. I love his honesty and his ability to tell things like they are, not humouring anyone’s bullshit. As the show goes on he is turning out to be one of the more complex creatures in Buffy, with such a range in his personality arc. That said, he is a total and complete pervert in this episode, “Intervention”, and for the first time in all 5 seasons I was really disappointed in him: Spike contacts a bit player from another episode and commissions a Buffy-bot that Spike then uses as his sex toy. Gross! Yeah yeah, he’s in love with her and she doesn’t give him the time of day, but really, Spike. Really? A Buffy-bot? Serious ick factor here. In typical Spike fashion, however, he redeems himself by getting insanely tortured and thrashed by the god Glory while protecting Dawn and Buffy.

Spike makes me sad. He reminds me of lots of men who aren’t able to just be nice. They’re gruff, rude, unsavoury because they try to keep all their love hidden, when it would be so much more beneficial to everyone if they just opened up. Spike also shows us that when we forego the path of violence, love will fill us quite naturally. While it is a love that is misplaced and misunderstood by the Scoobies, and one that has been rejected by Buffy numerous times in the past, at the end of this episode Buffy finally understands that Spike has fundamentally changed internally and that he would die for her without a second thought. It makes me wonder if Buffy’s unfulfilled vampire love for Angel could finally find a home with Spike.


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