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Mr. Koehler holding Mrs. Koehler's projectI write poems to real/imaginary/living/dead people on postcards, usually the kind you find on those card dispensers in bars and restaurants, or I write cyber-cards on my blog.

It all started in 2004, when I lived in Seville, Spain and was inspired by my dear friend, Jo Melo, and in fact many of the first Love Letter Project poems were written in Spanish.

Oddly enough, going even further back to my love affair with postcards, I’ve actually had a postcard collection since I was about 5 and while those postcards have travelled all over the world with me, I’ve never sent a single one. I recently decided to revamp my existing Love Letter Project and start actually sending out these miniature works of art/culture to friends and loved ones.

My first series will be a set of original Beverly Hills, 90210 postcards from 1993 and the recipients were chosen through a request on FaceBook.

This pic is my hubby holding the cards that soon will be dismantled and sent to all corners of the globe.


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