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Frida, I’m In Love

my homage to Frida Kahlo

I took this snap while taking a bath today, and then edited it with Picnik.

Every time I take a soak looking at my feet reminds me of Frida Kahlo’s painting What the Water Gave Me, and more so these days now that my big toe is sort of scarred like hers. I couldn’t make mine even remotely as complex as hers since I was working with   soulless digitalised images, and the more I added the tackier it looked even when messing with the fades. Regardless, the homage is there and I felt good making it. Plus that is the first time I’ve ever been photographed in the tub, so that’s an interesting one for this new year. :-)

This photo is a part of our FRAPTO photo-a-day project and can be seen at a higher resolution by clicking on the photo itself.

And in case you’ve never seen Frida’s amazing painting, here it is:

What The Water Gave Me

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