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Post-It Question

Day 4 of the Ralph Waldo Emerson “Self-Reliance” project, #Trust30. Click here for my project archives.


I don’t have to ponder this question for 48 hours, I know the answer:

I must relinquish my fixation on external circumstances.

Too often I use what’s around me as an excuse for what’s going wrong in my life or with my writing.
“I can’t write because I’m stressed about [the cold, work, moving, whatever you please].”
I never trust my instincts when it comes to my own decisions, constantly second guessing myself and/or giving more weight to what other people think.
I’ve used the past as a buffer to keep me from living.
I have most of the answers I need, but I’ve refused to listen to myself and apply my knowledge.
I’d rather take the path of least resistance so it’s never my responsibility when things get difficult or go totally pear-shaped.

Time to be a lotus and let go.

Suddenly, I’m feeling excited about my life and feeling positive about the future, even though I have no idea what will happen and where I will end up (Germany, Ethiopia, Sweden, Istanbul, Sri Lanka?). My spidey sense tells me that somehow it’s all going to work out fine.
And even if it doesn’t, I will still have many stories to tell.

5 thoughts on “Post-It Question

  1. grow and learn from the past and live and continue to learn today and tomorrow….and tomorrow

  2. Dearest Sezin, My response was similar if not equal to yours, no need to wait 48 hours, I had the answer as well. Actually found the answer on Day 1 by participating in the Trust30 Challenge. Duh! Funny, funny is that I tried centered justification as well and spent about 15 minutes going back and forth and finally settled for left justification again. LOL. Perhaps this was a bit too easy a prompt? It might sell Jenny Blake’s book though 😉

    1. Dear Judith,

      Lucky you! I found this one tough, I have so many things I’m struggling to deal with at the moment that it was hard to figure out what the biggest difficulty is. I’m also learning a lot and coming to terms with many things from the past by participating and I’m so glad to have this “free” 30 days of therapy to help me ground myself before we move this summer.

      Today’s prompt about Travel, though, was easy peasy. 🙂

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