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The economics of migration, Alice Awards and other updates

Thank you, Displaced Nation!

Dear Readers,

The last few weeks have been exciting with lots of great news and guest pieces being featured on some of my favourite websites.

“Global laborers”, an article for the expat+HAREM about the economics of middle-class global migration went live and caught the attention of one of the Harvard Business Review writers, Umair Haque. Yes!

That same week, I found out that I won an Alice Award from The Displaced Nation for the piece I wrote about whether cold weather makes cold people. Yes! Yes!

This week my first ever guest post for The Displaced Nation, my first of what I’m sure will be many eulogies to my life in Prague, was published and has sparked some interesting discussions both on and offline. Yes! Yes! Yes!

One of my 2011 new year’s resolutions was to have one guest post a month and that half of those be in publications that have not printed my work before. With my newest Displaced Nation post and my pieces for Anything Horror, I’m one-third of the way to meeting my goal. Yay! Stay tuned for upcoming pieces in fresh new places.

The sideshow exhibit I founded and curate turned one year old on June 26, 2011! Happy Birthday, hybrid/MONSTER! My how you’ve grown!

In the meantime, I continue working with Rose Deniz and Ghostwoods Books to finalise the revamped and super-charged illustrated version of my first novel American Monsters. I’ll be revealing the new cover soon so be sure and follow my monsters on Facebook or Twitter for updates. Woohoo!

You can find me personally on Twitter and Facebook as well to keep up with all these exciting new developments in ZuzuLandia. 🙂

Thank you for reading and wishing you a long, hot summer,


2 thoughts on “The economics of migration, Alice Awards and other updates

  1. Sezin,

    I enjoyed your “Zuzu in Prahaland” post. You have obviously worked hard to create a space for yourself in Prague. You’ve uncovered a description, maybe even a definition, through the madness of the ‘mother claws’. Your coherent thoughts will help me answer that question I despise so much, ‘What’s Prague like?’. I think from now on I’ll direct people to your blog rather than stumble over my own response.

    You’ve given words to the wordless.

    Good luck with the next part of your journey. I hope Cologne will still inspire, but also help you heal. I look forward to reading all about it.

    1. Dear Lurissa,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful words. I am so glad that my “definition” of Prague can help you, too. Yes, indeed I worked hard to make myself a corner in this crazy place and I have to admit that I will miss the feeling, albeit painful, of the Mother Claws around me. Somehow I feel like the Claws will become an umbilical cord, continuing to feed me with Its energy. I do, though, hope that the move to Cologne, with its nicer weather and abundant Ethiopian food, will physically heal the damage Prague has done to me, especially to my hands. Thank you for the good wishes and I’m looking forward to what Germany has to offer, creatively and elsewise.



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