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Creative Postpartum and Other News


On August 20, 2015 I finally finished my second novel, Crime Rave, the one I’ve been working on for almost six years. It really doesn’t feel as good as you’d think and more than anything I’ve felt a huge emptiness and depression steal over me once I realized the book was finally done. Having something incubate for SIX YEARS is a bloody long time. Nothing in nature holds on to its baby that long, and so now that it’s soon going from an internal thing into an external one, I’m still at a loss to describe it.

All the research—reading and watching—plus three full rewrites to get my crime voice down, and then five more rewrites on top of all that to get the ending solid. This was one of the most insane and intensive labors of love I’ve ever undertaken. So weird that it’s over.

And now it’s done, and it’s still going to be a while before my second book baby makes its way out into the great wide readership on its own two legs. And then, of course, all the stuff about what a great/horrible parent I am and everything else that comes with giving something you’ve created a place in the world far outside your own body and protection.

I also didn’t realize the kind of creative vacuum that finishing the book would leave behind, and I’ve been filling that grand space with lots of other diverse writings over on Huffington Post. In the past few months I’ve written new articles on Game of Thrones, the marriage equality ruling, trigger warnings, why I stopped giving advice, America’s first feminist asylum Rockhaven Sanitarium, an in-depth defense of True Detective Season 2, a response to all the new traumatic events going on in the world, and an intimate review of Hannibal. I have loads more articles in the works, and I’m slowly getting back into journalistic writing, which I’d forgotten how much I love doing.

Several short story/flash fiction ideas are also percolating after the Rockhaven article as well as another fabulous getaway to my favorite place on this planet besides Hogwarts, Key West. I’m debating putting together a collection of short stories that I’ll release in the interim between Crime Rave and my third novel, which I’m sure I’ll get back to as soon as the weirdness of this creative postpartum hollowness passes.

And going back to my second book baby, Crime Rave, I’ve decided to do something new with its release: I’m offering copies for pre-order on Kindle and Smashwords.

I’m also thinking about offering a signed paperback copy of Crime Rave for pre-order, and if I decide not to pre-sell I’ll most definitely have copies for sale after the book is released in November. NOVEMBER! That’s like, two months away, dude. From six years to two months. Life is Dalí-esque surreal right now.

In the meantime, you can find me writing regularly over at HuffPost, as well as active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also listen to my very first podcast over at Pop Conscious in which I basically fangirled about Hannibal and some of my other pop culture loves, giving them all a spiritual bent.

I’ll be posting my short stories, and Prague-inspired flash fiction and poetry on here once I start getting into the groove of Book Baby Three. Any day now.

Until then, here’s to my baby Crime Rave’s upcoming first birthday! Hip hip HOORAY!

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