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My First Book Deal! “Much Ado About Keanu: Toward a Critical Reeves Theory” Arriving Summer 2024

Set your calendars for Summer 2024 from Chicago Review Press, Much Ado About Keanu: Toward a Critical Reeves Theory is a sociocultural deep dive into Keanu’s entire filmography and creative outputs. No stone left unturned in analyzing the myriad impacts Keanu’s work has had on culture and society at large.

From the Publishers Marketplace announcement, Much Ado About Keanu is:

“A deep-dive examination of Keanu Reeves’ filmography and other creative outputs that highlights the importance of the actor as a multi-talented artist and trailblazer in the realm of Hollywood and beyond.”

Having a traditional book deal is my biggest childhood dream come true. Writing about one of my favorite human’s incredible art only adds to the joy and wonder of this project.

I’ll be starting a newsletter with deleted scenes from the book over at Substack, so feel free to throw a subscribe my way and watch aspects of the book unfold before it’s officially out. Please tell all your Keanu-loving friends the most excellent news and stay tuned for developments over the next few months.

Party on, Dudes!

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