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Grinchmas 2023: In Space No One Can Hear Santa Scream: ‘Prometheus’ as a Christmas Horror

Only the eagle-eyed viewer and Ellen Ripley obsessive would notice that canonically, Ridley Scott’s 2012 return to the Xenomorph-verse ‘Prometheus’ takes place in December of 2093. A decorated mini Christmas tree is even the backdrop to Idris Elba’s gorgeousness as he propositions Charlize Theron’s crew commander Meredith Vickers. And it would have been a much happier Christmas indeed had we seen their sex scene on screen. Even if it would have overshadowed the entire movie.

But Ridley Scott doesn’t stop at this oblique mention of Christmas. He goes ahead and leans way into the original Christmas mythology of Jesus’ birth, mirrored in many themes in ‘Prometheus,’ beginning with Elizabeth Shaw’s (Noomi Rapace) past as a missionary and still-believer in Christianity, who still wears her father’s gold cross. She has even guided her career as a scientist toward discovering humans’ makers, and it’s that breakthrough that leads Vickers’ crew to planet LV-426 decades before Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley in ‘Alien.’

Shaw’s Christian iconography doesn’t end there. Mary was a virgin when she found herself pregnant. And similarly, Shaw is unable to bear children but also finds herself impossibly with child after she’s dosed with a deadly bio-weapon ancestor of the Xenomorph itself.

And as I mull over the religious themes of this film, I’m reminded of a theory presented in ‘30 Monedas,’ that witnessing the gaze of god results in human annihilation. Which is exactly what The Engineers — the statuesque progenitors of the human race — were planning to do to all of humanity had they not been halted by the Xenomorphs. And once Shaw and her colleagues look upon the faces of their own makers, a massacre is the result here too. I hadn’t really considered the religious undertones of this movie before and now that I have I like it even more. Plus, it’s a great addition to alternative Christmas horror watchlists.

✨Accordion/5 stars. I highly recommend this film even though lots of other ‘Alien’ fans hated it, and it’s not just because I love Noomi Rapace.✨

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