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Grinchmas 2023: ‘L.A. Confidential’ and the Real-Life History of the LAPD’s Bloody Christmas

On December 25, 1951 members of the LAPD brutally beat seven men in prison holding, some almost to the point of death. These beating were racially motivated, as victims were predominantly Mexican American. And they took place during an LAPD Christmas party where even the on-duty officers were wildly drunk. The cops lined up the seven men and took turns abusing them. The only reason this horrific incident wasn’t swept under the rug was due to Chicano community leaders who wouldn’t let the crimes, corruption, and general LAPD impunity continue without a fight.

Curtis Hanson’s ‘LA Confidential’ fictionalizes a different background to the infamous Bloody Christmas incident, one that erases important history. But still serves to highlight police brutality and corruption during that era that unfortunately has not much improved in the 72 years since the event.

✨Veronica Lake/5 stars. I love Kim Basinger in this film.✨

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